Monday, August 24, 2015

Thank you, Poptart Kitty

I'm sure everyone loves poking thread and fabric together. For hours. I mean really, my left leg feels cramped to the extreme. I am even more positive that people like seeing other peoples work of art with the sharp needle and square fabric. That's why there are blogs, that's why we like to share our work with others to support and make people feel happy. I don't know about you guys, but when I tickle someone funny, it makes me happy.

That, and Legolas. Maybe Markiplier from Youtube.

But ssssssh! that's another deep, dark secret :l

They musn't know about the preciousssss...ssssss'.

So I just want to say, thank you for all of those who've been here and just arrived. It's a short, sweet thanks, but it's truly from the heart :3 The blogs I follow and the people I meet on Instagram (VanaQB) make me smile when I see their works of art. When I see the progress. When I see the smile icons! If I made you smile today, well then I'm glad it happened to you. Smiles make the world go round and brighten people's hearts. That...and poptart kitties pooping rainbows!

Fly on kitty. Fly on.

Thanks again everyone. I look forward to this marvelous journey together and beyond, like poptart kitty.


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Should I? Should I REALLY???

It's a hard enough question to my already sleepless artistic life. I love to draw, I love to color within the lines because my child side knows better, I love love acrylic paint, cross stitching is like the quiet and resourceful lover that I never had, and water color tests my constricting boundaries on art. That said, I try to dedicate myself to just one piece or two at a time. Or, like a restless fever, I go into doing doodles every day.

If not doodles, reading romance novels of high quality. Anne Stuart you Goddess of writing.  

But should I really bite off more than I can handle? Should I really be looking at other pieces to do when I had an unfinished one next to me? I've seen smaller ones on Instagram, the sodapop....sodamop....soba-- no wait, those are noodles. Sodastitch! That's it, sodastitch. Though I never see any sodas associated with the art....don't know why, seems like a complete waste of title enforcement. 

I could very well sit down and finish these smaller pieces in two days, a day and night if I really hid myself downstairs. They are so cute and Instagram and Pinterest have their fair share. Though I do admit, so many people were hash-tagging sodastitch I looked it up. 

And was bombarded with cuteness. Go ahead, if you dont' beleive me. I would love to do these if I didn't already have other pieces calling me. 

And that's the problem, just to many times I sit down doing a piece and I'm thinking of another one. Like, kissing someone but thinking of Captain Jack Sparrow or Legolas from LOTR (mmmmm, Legolas). I don't mean too, I really don't, but all I can think about is my black cloth Mother Mary and baby piece, and how much fun it would be. 

I'm sorry WIP, I'm so sorry but Legolas is so damn hawt--!

Wow, this is really getting out of hand. 

Let me leave you fabulous people with a picture of my side fling and my growing work space. I'm still going to have this inner battle, and I'm sure it won't disappear any time soon. Siiigh. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's had thoughts like mine and there just isn't enough hours in a day to do all that I want. 

One day though. One day.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Mind Your Needle!

I'm in a stitch. Well, more of a in a fiddle. I keep looking up these wonderful cross stitch pieces on Google+ and Instagram, where on these pieces there are wonderful needlminders. Needle minder? Needleminders.

Never mind. It minds your needles.

There are some really gorgeous ones, some that look like stone, some made out of wood, some with enough bling on it to make any thugette feel hard core. It's just a beautiful array of things. Etsy provides a lot of them. From what I've searched, I found two sellers who really have what I'm looking for. I gotta save for them though. Sigh.

GeckoRouge had this very nice pin with a very pretty picture on it.
Isn't she gorgeous?
And then GinasUniqueBoutique had a sea theme going on that I love too.

I could spend hours....literally hours looking at the fabulous work we women put out there. They are cute, they are usable, and they rock peoples socks off. These needleminders just make my art even more fun! Do you have a needleminder you love? Care to share a photo? My inner artist would flip out.

And then, there are these things called biscornu. At first I thought it said biscuits, but I read it wrong. Apparently, they hold your needles and have been around for a while. They are soooo pretty! I just love them. I have to save up to do one of my own. I'm pretty sure Etsy has them.


Thursday, August 6, 2015

I need a stand :/

That's right. I need a stand or something to help me with my cross stitch. Why? My right arm is getting buff and my left arm is...well...falling asleep on me. Has anyone ever watched Rock-A-Doodle-Do? You know, the one about the chickens and animals fighting an evil owl?

Yeeeeeeah, that dude :) One of the best childhood evil doers out there. Well, this evil guy had a very sophisticated nature about him. And like a real thug, he did cross-stitch! See, he right there in his rocking chair doing what he does best (next to turning people and eating animals). He even had a frog to help him. But you see? He's has a frame!

Please ignored the spacing, its from an online source :l
If the bad guy can do it, so can I. That's why I am looking for a stand. I've researched online and I already know a sitting stand or one that holds on the side wont do. I need a sturdy base where it is secured. The ones down below are the ones I really like and can see myself using.

See that base? I love that base support and I can use two hands!

Aaaahhh, this one looks so flimsy and I wouldn't want to deal with the size....but maybe....

This one has a sturdy base too. And a light, but don't know if I can handle the extra parts.

In general, it has to have a strong base or prop it up on the table. Anyone has any suggestions? Hopefully its under $100 bucks (and that's stretching it too, pocket ain't that big). Until I get one, and I will get one, I will dreamily stare at this stand down below (it's the perfect size, the perfect shape, the perfect width....ok, this is getting strange).

This is the one. Loooove it!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Some Pics of the WiPS

That's right, I'm cheating. Instead of giving you a full, professional
(you think so too?) blogpost, I'm going to fill this page with pictures of my latest WIPS.

I whip my hair back and forth! I whip my hair back and forth! I whip it!!

Phew. Glad I got that out of my system. Let the pictures commence!

Cuz why not?!