Trip to China Guide

For those of you deciding to take a trip to China, here are some guidelines that I have gathered after my travels and stay in China. Some views stick out more than others due to my experience as a women of color.

1. Be Polite. When visiting another country you are representing your culture. So if you act stupid, people will think everyone from your culture acts that way. Show them, as an individual, that you can be different. Not everyone will believe you, but at least you left a good impression.

2. Get on the Bus. Quickly. China has a lot of people and during the busy hours those people pack themselves like sardine cans on the buses. So be prepared to push yourself and smoosh yourself on those buses. Same thing with the trains.

3. Get a bus card. China's bus system is reliable enough. You will need your passport to get one. They also sometimes help with renting bicycles.

4. Phone services. Some American phone companies aren't compatible in China, and you would need to buy a new phone to get service in China.

5. Stock up. Though China has lotion and such, almost all of their products have skin whitening in them (to an alarming degree). You're better off buying your items before you go, getting them offline in China, or trying your luck in the stores. Like I did for my underwear and shampoo for my hair type, I bought them offline.

6.Cross the street in a group or wait for the light. People in cars don't stop like they do in the States.

7. Everyone will want to practice their English, mostly young people, but if you can get a few Chinese words in they will be impressed. From my experiences, Chinese people really like it when you practice and use Chinese.

8. Hand sanitizer and tissues with you. Always. I noticed that Eastern cleanliness and Western cleanliness are very different. Be prepared for the bathrooms and their streets in certain parts of China.

9. Don't buy meat off the street. It's most likely not refrigerated.

10. Stereotypes. They have their stereotypes of everyone. Period. For black people, they think we are all from Africa. It's not their fault, most black people are from Africa over there and the west doesn't do justiec to blacks in movies and TVs. So don't be surprised if you say your from the States or the Bahamas and they don't believe you.

11. People take photos. A lot. If you're a foreigner and you go outside people will take photos of you. Most of the time without permission. I became the center of attention when we went to tourist spots.

12. People will touch your hair. Straight hair or natural hair, they will want to touch it. And to them, they aren't being rude, just curious. Just explain to them you don't like it. Especially if they don't wash their hands after eating pomegranate.

13. In general the culture is very polite and hospitable. Don't take advantage of that. Don't be a dick.

14. Offer to pay meals. When going out some people will fight with you for paying for a meal because they have this thing called "saving face". A good guest pays for everything. But you can match their politeness by offering to pay, sometimes stubbornly, and leave a few bills to your host. if you need to. 50/50 or AA works too.

15. Offer your seat to elderly people, little children and pregnant women on the bus. But if its full and no one else is getting up, don't bother.

16. VPN helps with facebook and google. Since those are sights that China blocks. You might have to pay monthly for them. Some allow a week free.

17. Have your bills set before you deuce out. Credit card payments, car payments and mortage will still be rolling in even if you are in another country

18. Let your bank know you're travelling. Because they will lock that sucker (credit card) if its being used abroad and they aren't notified.

19. Put your phone on hold. So you don't get charged the normal monthly price while travelling and not working.

20. Guys vs, girls. Here's the load down from what I can see. White men are preferred to date and marry because they are seen as being wealthy and light skin is preferred. Although a lot of Chinese women get flack from their fellow Chinese men for "selling out". Black men will have dates but not as likely for serious marriage due to the stereotypes affiliated with them. White women are preferred to date and possibly marry, but Chinese men are more pressured to marry inside of their culture. Black women might get a date and sometimes marriage as the stigma is still affiliated with them like their black male counterparts. In general, I say more Chinese women with foreign men than Chinese men with foreign women. So don't look too much into it guys if a lot of girls ask for your photo.

And that's it! If there are any more things I think about I will be sure to update. Questions too I can help with. Have fun in China!


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