It All Started with My Mom

Hello and Welcome to "Stitch It Together", a.k.a SIT. You're probably wondering how my cross stitch desires arose within me and prompted me to start a blog about it. I can safely say that the reasons are few but important.

1. I've always been an avid artist. No matter what medium, I find myself dipping into all kinds of things, such as oil painting, drawing, charcoal, watercolor, crochet, felts, powerpoint, Photoshop and cross stitching. My embroidery journey started, and quickly ended, with a small flower kit. I had no idea what I was doing but wanted to give it a try. I did. It's lost in storage for ever and ever. Cross stitching came during college (2008-2012) because...

2. My mom asked me to make her something after our religious routine of walking around Micheals. Goddess I love that store. It smells artsy fartsy. The first pattern I ever did was from the Golden Dimension line and it had a really, really poofy dress. Because school took most of my soul, it wouldn't be until 2 years later that I would complete my amazing copied creation. Oh, there were mistakes, no doubt. You just can't tell because it's so pretty. Down below is an online picture of what it looks like cuz I can't find, it eats everything.

"I'm fuzzy and out of Focus" -said nobody 

After that fateful piece of work, I knew I had found a new calling. Thanks Mom.

3. Once I find my niche, I hoard. Yes, I am an avid, active, and aspiring hoarder of cross stitch. While some people collect yarn, I'm all about the expensive beauties of thread and fabric. I can't help it, it's like I'm a compulsive myself about my addictions. Only when the pennies are really pinching am I am able to back down. Like I did yesterday, even with a coupon.

I think we all know where my obsession is going.
Go me. One day I'll show everyone my WIP stash (Works In Progress). 

I love to cross stitch. I can sit for hours listening to music or watching videos on Youtube and move my needle like a Jagger. I am most lured over by mermaids, fairies, angels, dragons, mystical things, poofy dresses and perfect composition. 

I use a simple system. Find a container, or plastic bag, place my current project in it and move around. I travel a lot, so how people normally keep their art work I have to edit it to fit my carry on bag. Who else remembers when the first bag was free? Anyone? Ok, I see you waaaay in the back there.
I've tried to have neat backing on my works, but that usually ends up in a throw down. Followed by me getting up and taking a break. Or a sip of wine. Whichever my feet leads me too. So far I have been a Dimensions, Mirabella and Happy Forever brand collector. New ones haven't crossed my vision, which I'm positive when they do and I like it I will swoop down and grab it up with my mighty eagle talons.

Now that I have more free time in the evenings after work, I'm back into full swing with my cross stitch. My goal: to have my work hung up on different walls.


The White House is a specific place.

Till then, I will continue to work on my 11CT, 14CT and 18CT stitches of bright colors, indecisiveness, hoarding, and love for wonderful art.

Stitch on General, stitch on.

Toodles :3

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