Cleaning Pre-Printed Cross Stitch

Yes, ladies and gents (for the males who do admit to handling needle and thread like a real thug), there is a method to my madness! I don't just rant and rave and carry on like an obsessed crafty 24/7. That's because I have to sleep...and eat....and take naps. Sometimes I brace the real world and go to work and get paid.

But I digress.

The method I am talking about came very nicely in my latest summer splurg on cross stitch items from amazon. I had bought a few pieces from the seller HappyForever, with their pre-printed images appealing to an eye that hazed over from counting and double counting my squares. Though the instructions were simple enough, I worried that, if I dipped my brightly colored and beautifully dark threads into the water, they might bleed into each other and ruin months of hard work. So I dutifully went online and gathered some information.

And now I will share with you my process and the very basic (whatever I could find) materials.

Step 1: Finish what you want to finish. 

Step 2: Get some warm water and place it in a container big enough to hold your piece (for me it was a cooking pot that I lightly warmed the water in).

Step 3: Add some Joy dish soap, 1-2 hard squirts should do it (just the normal kind without the added bleach, but scented versions shouldn't hurt). 

Step 4: Completely submerge piece in soapy water. 

Step 5: Dance or sing or drink wine for about 45-70 minutes. (You should start to see the lines fades away, and don't mind the water color).

Step 6: Once lines are completely gone, rinse/soak piece in similar temperature of water. (soaking it a second time doesn't hurt)

 Step 7: Take a clean towel/t-shirt and roll piece in it to dry (I did that and set my piece in the sun a bit to air dry too).

After that you should have a nicely cleaned piece of work! Feel free to repeat Step 5 how ever many times you wish during the process, soaking piece of work not included. It really is easy considering :)

 Message me if you have any questions and comment if you tried different things.


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